PODCAST: Founder of Sapphire Lending Ltd Sheila Holt features on Invest in You Podcast


In this episode of Invest In You Podcast, Fredrik, Charlie and Ivan Sandvall chat with Sheila Holt, the Founder and Managing Director of Sapphire Lending Ltd. Sheila shares her experiences and expertise in growing a business – from creating a business model to setting-up a routine. Sheila also gives an update in her upcoming book, “Trust is the New Currency”, which she co-wrote with our very own Fredrick Sandvall.

Discover how fundamental is communication in all aspects of the business and how important is to her to have some leisure time despite the hectic schedule – visiting the seas around the world. Her company has long been creating solutions for lenders and brokers but this year, Sapphire Lending Ltd hits a milestone. They’re one of the three finalists in the Alternative Lender of the Year Category of the Credit Excellence Awards 2018. So, make sure to catch all the business learnings and strategies you’ll get from Sheila!

Listen here: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/invest-in-you/e/56840141?autoplay=true#/


  • The lenders are looking for ways to grow their money while the borrowers don’t want the slow decision-making and inconsistencies in banks. Sapphire Lending Ltd.’s business model leads to a trusted relationship between lender and borrower. It makes sure that everything is done in an organized and timely manner. There’s an honest communication taking in mind their principles and values.
  • 5 Steps of Sheila’s transparent business model for lenders and borrowers:
    • -Doorway
    • -Financial Review
    • -Application
    • -Agreement
    • -Draw Down
  • How did Sheila Holt invest in herself? She’s a life-long learner. She decided to take in two new business partners who she could brainstorm with and learn new stuff. She is also currently enrolled in 3 business classes.
  • Sheila’s routine:
    • Daily – She sees to it she gets up early and does tasks from the most difficult to the easiest.
    • Monthly – Aside from the tasks and responsibilities, Sheila sees to it that she visits the sea every 5-6 weeks as a habit. It’s not just in Britain. She was able to visit seas in other countries.
  • Going back to when you started your business, what would you do differently knowing what you know now? Sheila will do everything a lot faster. Avoid snowballing.


  • “All values in all business are all about integrity, doing the right thing, and creating lifetime relationships.” – Sheila
  • “I love to learn and I also know that if we’re not learning moving forward, guess what? We’re falling back and falling behind.” – Sheila

Listen to the podcast here: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/invest-in-you/e/56840141?autoplay=true#/

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