Thoughts become things


Thoughts become things

Everything begins with a thought. Look round at the environment you are in right now. Literally, everything you can see and are using, started life as a thought in somebody’s mind. We have thousands of thoughts every day. Our predominant thoughts go on to create our feelings, our emotions.

Feelings drive your mood. A feeling, an emotion, can only last around 15 to 30 seconds before it needs to be “stoked up” again, in other words, we have to have the same or similar thoughts which created the feeling in the first place to keep that same feeling alive. If you change your predominant thoughts you will change your feelings.

Your feelings are your responsibility. No-one can make you feel a specific way. It is down to you and your thoughts.

Feelings lead to actions. If your feelings are less than positive then there is no doubt you will have similar actions. Perhaps half-hearted attempts to do something; to finish or start a project or piece of work. You may end up being inactive, or with a ‘cannot be bothered’ approach or even worse.

Positive feelings lead to positive actions. Finishing something you started a while back; creating or learning something new; developing your team or your business. Whatever your actions are, remember they are preceded by your feelings.

The actions you consistently take, create the results you get, which can be either positive or negative. If you are getting results which you do not desire, the ‘wrong ‘results in your life, then you must cycle all the way back to the beginning – to your thoughts – and change the predominant ones.

Remember, thoughts become things so choose the good ones.

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