Cause and Effect



Cause > Effect is an equation which relates to life, in all its aspects. You get to choose which side of the equation you live on.

So how have you been doing generally in your life and specifically in the last few months? How did you do in the Pandemic, in the unprecedented times we experienced, and continue to experience, the likes of which have never been encountered before. Britain, and the world, in a health crisis; in lockdown whilst Corvid 19 ravaged across the globe with lightning speed. Which side of the equation did you find yourself living on then? Cause or Effect?

You can only be on one side of the equation at any one moment. Either cause or effect. During the Pandemic it was very plain to see the world was divided between cause and effect. Those living and working at cause became our heroes ranging from the NHS, care workers, food distributers, growers and sellers, government leaders, scientists, engineers, inventors, medical advisors all living and working at cause to fight and eradicate one global enemy. Working to get the results the world so desperately wants and needs. This was in stark contrast to the other side of the equation. Many people were at effect of the Pandemic living in fear, misery, stress, and anxiety. Powerless and unsure, in many cases bereft and bereaved as well.

When you are living at effect it means you are at the effect of what other people say, write, or communicate; or you are at the effect of your own thoughts. Being ‘at effect’ is the weak side of the equation. Finding yourself ‘at effect’ means you have relinquished your power. Living at cause makes you powerful and gets results.

The next time you need to get yourself back to cause, this is what you do: –

Ask yourself the following question:

What can I, do now, to cause this situation to change?

To claim back your power is all about what you can do in the moment. There are only 3 things which you can do to answer the question.

First change the way you act by doing something different. Second, change the way you communicate with others about the situation. This can mean using a different form of written or spoken words. If these fail to put you at cause then lastly, change the way you think about the situation. Even though you may not like the situation, accept the situation, as it is right now, then you can choose the way you think and feel about it going forward.

The best way to take responsibility for your life is to live at cause and to cause yourself to choose to get the results you want. Notice which side of the equation you generally live on. Is it cause or is it effect? What results have you been getting lately? Is your life the way you really desire it to be?

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