Understanding or Acceptance?


It is crucial to comprehend the difference between understanding versus acceptance.

To understand a situation or a person is to be familiar with it; to interpret it. To grasp the importance of it; to have knowledge of it. When we are in a situation which is strange to us or out of our comfort zone, we can either have a go at understanding the situation by becoming familiar with it, learning about it, grasping the main concepts of it or just accept it for what it is. If we aim to understand the situation, we may ultimately dislike what we have been studying and as a result want to change it – which will lead back to stalemate again.

The choice between understanding or acceptance is crucial to relationships. Acceptance means “receiving something offered”. In other words, simply accepting what is already there. No questions; no changes; no trying to understand. The situation is as it is. Like it or not, just accept it. Acceptance gives you choice and flexibility with your responses.

To overcome stumbling blocks in business or life relationships, whilst the ideal is to understand the other person and their position, that ideal may never be achieved because understanding can take a lot of time and effort.

Acceptance is often good enough to break the ‘stale mate’. Acceptance is a neutral position to be in and will solve the stumbling block allowing people to positively move forward. Once you accept a situation, you are then in a powerful position.

Next time choose wisely between understanding or acceptance. Acceptance will always solve the problem; it is an easier place to get to and everyone can choose to accept a situation without necessarily understanding it or even liking it.


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