Sapphire Lending has two sets of clients:



Borrowers are property developers, highly experienced, flying at the top of their game. They are primarily looking to top up bank lending for a specific property project, which is where we come in. We broker those deals between borrowers and lenders and make things possible. We put relationships at the heart of borrowing and are connecting money to great property development projects.

Here are the problems we solve for our borrowers:

 Bank lending can be inconsistent and take time

 Bank algorithms change and influence developers’ ability to raise capital

 Lack of personal relationships with banks the way it used to be

 High deposits are often required

If you want to become a Borrower with Sapphire Lending this is the way it works. We use The 5 Step Connection Method.


Sapphire Lending brings a lightness and a brightness to everything we do. Our 5 Step Connection Method is specifically designed to make sure that prospective borrowers are perfectly aligned with the values of our business. Once we are satisfied that we will be a perfect match, you will then become an approved borrower, where we will begin to cultivate our relationship and take the time to understand you and your values. We will then conduct a financial review.

We accept individual lenders or more than one lender in order to make up the amount borrowed.

Sapphire Lending allows a minimum borrowing of £100,000 for a period ranging anywhere from 12-36 months.

As the borrower, you will be responsible for paying the lender interest on a monthly basis.

Once all the paperwork has been completed and the agreements have been signed, the lender will send the funds directly to the borrowers business account.

Sapphire Lending guarantees a six-week turn around time from the date of the initial enquiry.