Here at Sapphire Lending, we have two distinct sets of clients:


Lenders are people who have a large amount of money sitting in the bank and want that money to work for them, giving a set rate of return. We make this possible through brokering deals with property developers. By putting relationships at the heart of lending and borrowing we are connecting money to great development projects. We make it simple.

Here are the main problems we solve for our Lenders:

 Consistently low interest rates given by the bank on savings

  Lenders are looking for alternative and relatively safe ways to get a higher rate of return on their money

If you want to become a Lender with Sapphire Lending, this is the way it works.

We use the 5 Step Connection Method


At Sapphire Lending our primary motivations are to make lending easy to understand, simple and clear and we put relationships at the heart of lending. We take all of our lenders through the 5 step connection method to ensure that they are aligned with our business, our values, motivations and methods before we make a final decision on whether to proceed.

One borrower will be using the funds for one specific property project.

The minimum amount you can loan is £100,000 and the minimum duration is 12 months.

As a lender, you receive a set interest rate per annum for your loaned funds.

You get all of your funds returned directly by the borrower at the end of the agreed loan period.

Our typical borrowers are property developers at the top of their game who are looking to borrow funds to top up bank lending for a specific property project.


We have found Sapphire Lending a simple yet trustworthy way to invest money with a good monthly rate of return which surpasses the poor interest rates currently on offer.

Sapphire Lending show their heart as a business and it’s refreshing to experience great relationships and their social conscience in the world. It’s always good to do business with companies who care more than just about themselves and the money.

I’m happy in the knowledge that I’m also helping the borrowers complete projects faster providing good quality rental homes for people.

I have peace of mind in knowing that Sapphire Lending offers a personal, approachable service that I can trust.

Sapphire Lending offers a simple, fair service with flexibility.