A change is as good as a rest



The proverb is true! Keep doing the same thing, in the same way, in the same environment and you will become weary either mentally, physically, or both. When you interrupt your routine and do something different, often in a contrasting environment, it is as refreshing as taking a break from work all together.

Refreshing yourself is about restoring freshness, vitality, and energy to all that you do, both in and out of work.

When you are fresh, you think of things in new ways. You do things in a novel, exciting manner. Being fresh is the opposite of being tired and fatigued.

Vitality is to have mental vigour which in turn gives you the strength to continue a purposeful existence, and the power to live and to grow.

Energy is essential and provides you with the ability to act and lead others in your business. It gives you the capacity to work.

Having energy, vitality and being fresh is where we aspire to be.

Really simple things can refresh you such as a change of scenery locally or further afield or doing something you have not done for a long time for example having a cup of coffee from a café, maybe sitting and watching nature. Choose something which refreshes you and do it regularly.

As the economy builds after lockdown and the effects of Coronavirus, supporting local businesses has become key and the simple act of going to, what was once a familiar environment on your local high street, can and will help to refresh you and support local businesses too. Normal life – however that shows up for you – must include moments to refresh and restore your vitality and energy.

A change really is as good as a rest. What are you doing to keep yourself refreshed on a regular basis? What changes will you consistently introduce to your working life, so you remain vital, fresh, and energetic?

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